My beautiful, blended family and why I love them…

Saturday, October 28th 2023 saw us all gather at my stepdaughter, Ashley’s home, to watch our beloved Bokke when they beat the All-Blacks 12-11 in another nail-biter in the 2023 Rugby World Cup final, in Paris. The All-Blacks fought a tough battle, but the Bokke were in it to win it and...... Read more

What are you reading this month?

What are you reading this month?

I’m reading two wonderful books “The Covenant of Water” by Abraham Verghese; you’ll remember “Cutting For Stone” and “The Paris Deception” by Bryn Turnbull. If you’ve read them let me know what you thought of them. Why do you read? I read...... Read more

In the midst of all the madness…

Our daily lives consist of stuff we’d rather not deal with but now and then we witness something so exquisitely jaw-dropping that we can only stare in awe at the beauty of it. Such is the trust between two seventeen-year-olds, hopelessly besotted with one another as they snuggle in between...... Read more

Friends, Coffee and what they mean to us…..

Meeting up with a dear friend this morning, got me thinking about the importance and value that we place on friendships and how on the dreariest of days, they can somehow bring the sparkle and zest back into our lives with a knowing look, a hug…in fact, their mere presence is enough to...... Read more