In this engrossing and intriguing work of fiction from Author, Mike Smith, “Gone Gold” will
take you to places you’ve never been before, accompanied by protagonists St John,
Courtney and Ferdi, narrated from their perspective.
The stakes are high for our chief protagonist, St John, a debut writer with one moderately
successful novel under his belt and Courtney, a sassy and spirited Private Investigator, based
in Cape Town, South Africa. When St John takes on Courtney as a researcher for his
an upcoming novel about the missing Kruger Millions; eleven tons of gold that disappeared
when the British overran Pretoria during the Boer War at the turn of the last century, we
discover that our sleuth and her fiancé, Ferdi, are swimming in dangerous shark-infested
waters at every turn, while her novelist is not all he appears.
Readers are taken on an action-packed and fast-paced journey from the magical Mother
City of Cape Town to the dusty streets of Ermelo in Mpumalanga as we follow our heroine in
her search for answers as she uncovers much more than she bargained for.
The Author cleverly combines crime, mystery and adventure with fantasy and horror elements, while a romantic twist ensures an all-around pleasurable reading experience. Mike
Smith delivers another spell-binding novel in Gone Gold which will leave you wondering
where this highly skilled and talented wordsmith will take us next.

Review by Lorna Philip Enslin.

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